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Hop onto The Baghdaddies' magic carpet for an amazing musical trip from Newcastle, England through Eastern Europe as a gateway to the rest of the world!  The Baghdaddies have been astounding audiences across Europe for over 20 years, on stages far and wide, big and small, on the streets, in village halls.  The music appeals to everyone with a pulse with their eclectic fusion of Balkan Roma wedding and brass band music played at breakneck speed.  Throw into the mix a little punk, jazz, reggae and ska and you have one of the most danceable bands on this or any other planet.

'If Jerry Dammers and Terry Hall had grown up listening to world music, The specials might have sounded very like the Baghdaddies.’ Nigel Williamson [Uncut]

'The band have a particular flair for the Balkans and capture its frenetic energy and flamboyance wonderfully. There is also a fair share of klezmer, jazz, ska and punk - an anarchic fusion where Ivo Papasov meets The Clash meets The Beat'   Songlines

'With their impossibly infectious mix of Balkan dance beats, jazz, ska, tango, punk, reggae, each member of the quintet (trumpet, sax, guitar, bass, and drums) is absurdly accomplished - and they all sing too, sometimes all at once. The Baghdaddies gave 101 per cent in a show that managed to be both super-tight yet spontaneous fun.'   Cambria Arts 

The Guardain Review of the Royal Festival Hall Bellowhead/Baghdaddies New Years Eve Show 

'The New Year began at the Southbank with a circus-themed lock-in. 

Bellowhead are artists in residence here, and celebrated with a slick six-hour party that made use of every inch of the building except for the main concert hall. Upstairs areas were transformed into disco or folk clubs, while the ballroom was decorated like a circus, with trapeze artists and two stages, on which Bellowhead alternated with the Newcastle group the Baghdaddies.

Each band played three varied sets replete with good musicianship, energy and humour. The lesser-known Baghdaddies more than held their own. Despite their name, the five-piece are influenced more by eastern Europe than the Middle East, but can't be accused of leaping on to the Balkan bandwagon as they have been together for 14 years. Their rousing brass work was carefully fused with ska, jazz and Indian influences, and made the case that they deserve a far bigger following'.  Robin Denselow  ****


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