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The Travelling Circus comes to London

Starting tonight!!!

Date: 14th November 2019

Sziget Festival, Budapest

Circus Raj get a special mention in the NME report of 11 ways to get over the post Glastonbury blues.

Date: 9th August 2019

All set for 29 March? No, not Brexit but the day "Dumbo" launches in UK cinemas!!

It's been a while since our Circus Raj performers were at Pinewood studios working on set with director Tim Burton on the reworking of the Disney classic Dumbo.

Date: 26th March 2019

Mamane Barka (1959-2018)

We will always remember Mamane for his warm smile and generous nature, his quiet modesty as the World's only touring biram player and his determination to fulfil the promise he made to his teacher to take his instrument well beyond the borders of Niger. It was an enormous privilege to have represented Mamane, alongside his long-time faithful Griot friend and percussionist Oumarou Adamou, on his much anticipated UK tours. And later with Alhousseini Anivolla and Bammo Agonla from Etran Finatawa in the exclusive collaboration, "The Endless Journey" - their hypnotic musical groove evoking the breathless heat and shimmering horizon of the Sahara, heightened by the electric guitar beloved of Tuareg musicians and the haunting vocals of the Wodaabe. The sight and smell of Mamane brewing his special tea in our kitchen early in the morning will be an everlasting memory of a wonderful man.

Date: 30th January 2019

Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band

The vibrant Rajasthan Heritage Brass Band star at Bluedot Festival - again!

Date: 7th September 2018

D & F Bros. Grand Indian Circus

After almost four months of criss-crossing the UK and Europe the circus will make their finale in the village of Meole Brace on Sunday 23 September before heading back to the throbbing streets of Delhi and Jaipur.

Date: 7th September 2018

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